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About Cannacares

 alphagreen Cannacares About

Quality CBD products are the cornerstone of the CBD community. Cannacares is fully aware of this and goes the extra mile to produce innovative products that not only cater to experienced CBD users but to beginners as well.

The stigma around CBD products often comes from misinformation regarding the cannabidiol compound. Cannacares pushes to educate the public on the great opportunity offered by CBD products in improving health.

Company mission

Cannacares makes the list as one of the most notable and trusted CBD brands in the UK. The company has managed to cultivate a good reputation in the CBD markets across the UK, the EU and beyond. Over the years, the brand has built a reputation for its consistent and superior product quality.

Cannacares' mission centres around the community it serves. The company is dedicated to providing products that will help establish CBD for what it really is. Evidently, the brand is leading the way in catapulting community support for CBD products through community engagement. The goal is to dissolve the misconceptions about CBD and its products.

The brand drives community engagement to help educate consumers about CBD's true nature. They provide clear and factual insights into cannabidiol and its functions in the human body.

It's Cannacares' earnest endeavour to empower consumers in making informed choices when it comes to their well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Company History

 alphagreen Cannacares About

Cannacares is a quality CBD brand with a promise that has helped millions of people improve their health. The company is specially tailored to meet the demand for CBD products by consumers who cannot afford the typically overpriced CBD products flooding the CBD market at that time.

The exorbitant pricing that has acted as a roadblock to healthier therapeutic options for people dealing with various conditions is one of the major problems users face today. And even with overpriced products, consumers are still plagued by poor product quality.

Cannacares came about as a way to kill these two birds with one stone. Dedicated patrons and staff devised a way to provide high-quality full-spectrum CBD products at a price that wouldn't leave users bankrupt.

Cannacares is fighting for the CBD product market to thrive on two fronts given that they are also committed to educating consumers about the CBD market.

Why choose Cannacares

Affordable Products

For years, CBD products were inaccessible to a lot of people who needed them, owing to the premium prices most brands were placing on CBD products. A huge change came about with the introduction of affordable high-quality brands allowing more people to have access to the illusive CBD product catalogue.

Superior Product Quality

Cannacares is a solid gold standard when it comes to product quality. With the contributions from it's Dutch CBD producers, the brand has managed to deliver into the market products, which are 100% organic. Cannacares caters for a large market with products suitable for vegans and veterans as well. Cannacares takes care to ensure the absence of harmful toxins such as pesticides and metals like lead in its products. The product range also comprises GMO-free products making it a brand that is focused on providing users with the best quality product to further their healthy lifestyle agendas.

Large product catalogue

A manufacturer who understands the needs of the consumer is worth sticking to. Cannacares understands the need for multiple ways to take CBD; evidenced through its wide array of unique CBD products. The company takes an innovative approach to product formulation, allowing users to get their CBD is the most convenient way for them. Some of the products available from Cannacares include:


 alphagreen Cannacares About

This is the most common product in the CBD market, and it makes sense that Cannacares CBD oil is one of it's most popular products. CBD oil allows for more versatile administration of CBD and easily caters for a wide spectrum of doses.

Because the team at Cannacares is familiar with the drone some users experience of taking their CBD the same way, the brand has gone further to develop flavoured CBD oil. This takes the dullness out of taking CBD oil.

For CBD enthusiasts who prefer to take their CBD creatively, this opens up new doors. Flavoured CBD is the ultimate product to blend into your daily culinary. Flavours available range from mint to chocolate and other enticing flavours. Users who are eager to try out their own CBD infused dishes and beverages are spoilt for choice with Cannacares range of CBD oil.

CBD capsules

Administering precise doses of CBD is best done through CBD capsules. Some users may have a hard time keeping up with measurements for CBD oil. For others calculating how much product to use to achieve their optimum dosage can prove daunting. The solution to all this are the neat CBD capsules Cannacares has to offer. With CBD capsules, all you have to do is note the potency of your pills and set aside a precise number to take daily. CBD capsules are also ideal for taking cannabidiol on the go. For further convenience Cannacares packages the capsules in small discrete and compact containers you can travel around with.

CBD cream

Another of Cannacares best selling products happens to be CBD cream. The Cannacares cream is manufactured using a unique formula which features Magnesium. The CBD cream is designed strictly for topical application. As CBD is cited to help with relief from physical discomforts, including muscle and joint pain, this product is ideal for athletes and people recovering from surgery. 

Note that this CBD cream is non-psychoactive. Therefore whatever dose you take, you will not get a "high." Athletes can safely use this more natural product during recovery — it will not cause them to fail any of their drug tests.

Cannacares has so many products to offer. You can scroll through the entire product catalogue to find the best product for your needs.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding CBD, especially for UK buyers.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of 110 naturally occurring cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. The compound is often referred to by the acronym CBD. CBD oil is an organic substance extracted from the plant during processing and used to manufacture CBD products.

Will Cannacares CBD products get me "high"?

 alphagreen Cannacares About

The short answer is no. CBD itself is not a psychoactive compound and will not induce a “high” or hallucinations. THC, on the other hand, does cause you to get "high." Fortunately, Cannacares CBD products do not contain THC, which means they are both legal and safe!

Cannacares not only abides by UK regulations regarding THC content but with every aspect of the production process. The company also processes its CBD oil in a way that minimises the THC available in the end product. According to regulations, Cannacares uses CBD from hemp varieties with 0.2% THC or less. Although some of the products register very minute trace elements of THC, the amounts are insignificantly low to cause a "high."

Are CBD products legal?

Due to the strict regulations put in place in the UK, most CBD products are safe and legal. The only catch is that they are not regarded as medications but rather as supplements. In the UK, the EU and the USA CBD products are primarily available as a legal food supplement.

Where does Cannacares source its CBD from?

Cannacares sources all the CBD used in its products from responsible producers in Holland. Cannacares offers excellent value for your money, producing and extracting CBD of superior quality, compliant with the highest international standards.

The benefits of CBD

 alphagreen Cannacares About

However you came to know about CBD, there is a good chance you have heard so much about how it is changing lives. Many people with poor health are looking to CBD products to help improve their well-being. Cannacares has taken up the challenge of making sure safe CBD products are within reach of the general public.

People from different places and walks of life have embraced CBD for the same purpose - benefits to well-being. CBD has been attributed to a number of health benefits, although some are still yet to be proven by science. CBD has potential therapeutic benefits giving users feelings of relaxation and calm, which is helpful for users dealing with restlessness, low mood and sleep problems.

CBD has also been highlighted to offer relief for physical discomforts such as muscle pain and canine joint pain. Users have reported its benefits during recovery. With more research, CBD will find its way into more medical therapies. Currently, this is limited to medical prescription drugs for rare conditions like severe epilepsy or severe vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

CBD is being used in many countries around the world to support and maintain good health. We recommend that you take time to research the benefits of CBD yourself and speak to your GP about how CBD can help you.

Cannacares takes pride in being a trusted supplier in the CBD community. Always buy your CBD products from a trusted and verifiable source. If you want to know exactly what is in your CBD products, Cannacares also provides third-party lab reports for all their products to help you calm your doubts.