Cannamedical CBD Light

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CBD dominant, Hybrid cannabis strain

  • THC 6.1%
  • CBD 8.8%
  • Dried, and pre-packed cannabis flower

Cannamedical CBD Light is the brand name for a medical cannabis product from Cannamedical. This is the dried plant flower, and it comes from the California Orange strain of cannabis. It has Hybrid plant genetics; thus, it was crossed with Indica and Sativa plant varieties. To obtain any medical cannabis treatment, patients need to visit their doctor and be provided with a medical cannabis prescription. This will only be provided if the doctor believes this course of treatment will benefit the patient.

This product provides a fairly even balance between the THC and CBD cannabinoids.

This could be beneficial for newer patients, as it can lead to better tolerability for the patient in the way that the cannabinoids work together.

Cannamedical CBD Light
Cannamedical CBD Light

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The California Orange strain can be traced back many years now, and it remains a favourite among patients. In terms of its origin, it’s typically believed to provide a fairly even balance between Indica and Sativa genetics. It is also known as ‘Cali Orange Bud’, ‘C.O.B’, and ‘Cali-O’.


Cannamedical CBD Light is simple to purchase. Cannamedical have packed the containers with the dried plant flower. Every batch targets a THC level of 6.1% and a CBD level of 8.8%. The most dominant terpene in this strain is Myrcene, and also present are alpha-Pinene and Limonene.

It’s no surprise that this strain gives off a citrus, orange scent. The appearance of the buds is distinctive, thanks to the orange pistil hairs that cover the dark green buds. This strain can now be found across the market in various forms.

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SKUCannamedical CBD Light
GeneticsCalifornia Orange / Hybrid
THC / CBD (%)6.1 / 8.8


Storing your cannabis product correctly will prolong its life. Keep it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. It’s essential to keep this product (and any cannabinoid product) out of the reach of children and animals.

Dosing guidelines

The guidance provided here is not intended to be medical advice - patients will discuss their dosage guidelines with a medical professional independently before beginning their treatment.

If users decide to combine the product with their food or drink, then the onset time will be between 1-2 hours. This is because it needs to be absorbed through the digestive system. This time may be too long for some patients; however, the duration of effects can last for up to ten hours. This can be highly beneficial for some patient’s treatment outcomes.

For users seeking a faster onset time, inhalation may be more appropriate for their needs. This is because when compounds are inhaled through the lungs, they reach the bloodstream faster. This can be between 5-10 minutes. The potential benefits will be shorter, typically lasting for up to four hours.

Users will also need to keep in mind that other factors will influence how the treatment affects these times, such as their height and body fat percentage.

Lab testing

Cannamedical is careful to follow the strict guidelines in place when it comes to the creation and manufacturing of their medical cannabis products. Their overall aim is for their users to have a safe form of treatment that they will feel comfortable using. They follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, and they are also Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certified.


The scientific literature surrounding medical cannabis treatment is still in its early days, despite some encouraging research. If patients would like to learn more about their treatment (or medical cannabis) in general, then they should contact a medical professional.

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