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Themed Range Sample Box 4pk 5ml CBD Oil 10%

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The Sample Box from Cannacares is a unique formula that launched an industry. This sample allows you to try four variations of Cannacares 10% CBD Oil each formulated with essential oil or vitamin to enhance your CBD experience.

Find your best formulation

The Sample Box consists of four 5ml bottles that enable you to try the different formulations to see what works for you. These CBD oils have either a mint or tangerine flavour and provide a sweet sensation for the tastebuds.

Themed Range Sample Box 4pk 5ml CBD Oil 10%
Themed Range Sample Box 4pk 5ml CBD Oil 10%
Special Price £25.00 Regular Price £30.00

Product details


Cannacares Sample Box is designed to support people during active lifestyles. The products provide an effective and easy way of enjoying CBD. The natural wellness products will give you needed support for your everyday stresses, help you recover from exercise-induced inflammation, enhance focus, and aid in enjoying health sleep cycles.

All CBD oils contain zero THC and are 100% natural. You will enjoy the Sample Box because these four products provide precise servings of CBD, and you can carry them wherever you go. Each bottle contains 500mg of product where there is 10% of CBD isolate.

What's include?


This CBD oil is designed with lavender oil to assist those who may struggle during the night. The product has a refreshing spearmint flavour.



For morning-use, the WAKE CBD oil is formulated with Coenzyme Q10 to get you off to a great start. The product has a citrus tangerine flavour.


This CBD oil is combined with vitamin D to boost your immune system with a unique blend of nutrients. The product also has a tangerine flavour.


Formulated to help you relax and unwind, the combination of CBD and chamomile enables you to remain calm through life's tribulations. The product has a spearmint flavour.

Furthermore, all products are manufactured in the UK with the highest quality CBD on the market.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is now among the most prevalent compounds used as an ingredient in health and wellness products. CBD is one of the many phytocannabinoids that naturally exists in cannabis plants, and it is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for regulating essential functions in the human body, including mood, pain response, immunity, memory, appetite, stress, metabolism, sleep, and reproduction. CBD interacts with ECS because it has a similar chemical structure to endocannabinoids. CBD is non-psychotropic and non-toxic, meaning that it does not cause any "high" sensations.

What is the endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

The ECS was identified in 1992 by Dr Raphael Mechoulam. The ECS is a vast cell-signalling network in the human body that is vital for controlling and regulating physiological processes. Its receptors are located all over the body, especially in the brain, glands, connective tissues, inner organs, and immune cells. Thus, it can influence lots of body processes. It works to maintain substances like neurotransmitters, ions, water, and other compounds in their right amounts. This process is called homeostasis.

Is hemp the same as marijuana?


Since marijuana and hemp are two varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa, they look alike and share many similarities. The significant characteristic between these varieties is their chemical structure. Although both varieties produce high amounts of CBD, they have different levels of THC.

While hemp plants around 0.2% THC level by dry weight, marijuana could have up to 30% THC. Due to the different THC content, hemp and marijuana have different regulations. Hemp is considered legal if it's grown from EU approved strains. Marijuana, on the other hand, is a controlled substance.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD isn't listed as a controlled substance. CBD products are legal if CBD is derived from hemp plants containing no more than 0.2% THC. The CBD can only be derived from industrial hemp strains approved by the EU. In addition to this, CBD products must be tested and properly labelled.

CBD side effects


CBD-based products are low-risk chemicals and are well-tolerated by humans. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), CBD is safe and non-toxic even when used at high doses. CBD is safe and doesn't cause a serious public health issue since the cannabinoid is a non-addictive and non-intoxicating substance. However, CBD oil could have negative side effects such as irritability, weight loss/gain, fatigue, drowsiness, diarrhoea, and change in appetite. These adverse effects have been reported in some users who have taken CBD in large doses. Nevertheless, side effects are rare when CBD is taken in recommended doses. It is critical to note that CBD may also react with some medications and supplements. Always check with a doctor before consuming CBD if you are taking any supplements or medication.

What are the CBD types?

Today, CBD oil is divided into three types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate.

CBD isolate refers to a single compound with all other hemp compounds removed. Full-spectrum CBD products contain all components of the hemp plant, including ls than 0.2% THC. In broad-spectrum products, the THC has been removed completely. Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD provide an 'entourage effect'. This is when the elements of cannabis work together and boost its therapeutic properties.

More Information
CBD FormatOil
CBD TypeBroad spectrum
CBD Percentage10%
IngredientsCBD oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, MCT Oil, Vitamin D

Why We Love It

Pain relief


The use of cannabis plants dates back over three millennia ago. Scientists found that specific compounds in the cannabis plant, especially CBD, have pain-relieving properties. Numerous research suggests that CBD's ability to interact with the ECS induces an anti-inflammatory effect that is essential in reducing pain.

May help ease symptoms of anxiety

According to the World Health Organisation report, anxiety disorders are one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Anxiety and other mental health problems are often managed with therapy and pharmaceutical drugs. Most pharmaceutical drugs have several side effects. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors which are responsible for mood regulation.

Has anti-inflammatory properties


Inflammation is vital in the human body as it helps repair damage and fight infections. Without this process, foreign invaders can cause devastating effects. Although short term inflammation is critical, it could become a severe health problem when it becomes chronic. Studies have shown that CBD has a role in most chronic Western diseases, such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and many others. Since CBD oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties, it is being researched to help with many inflammatory conditions.

Has antioxidant properties

A recent report shows that oxidative damage is one of the primary factors that cause ageing and other health conditions. It is caused by free radicals - reactive molecules that affect vital organic substances, including proteins, fatty acids, and DNA. Free radicals can also be produced when the body is exposed to radiation or smoke. Antioxidants can help your body neutralise these molecules.



As mentioned earlier, all Cannacares CBD oils include CBD Isolate. This means these products don't contain THC, and you can enjoy the products without worrying about getting 'high'.

Products for all spheres of life

The Sample Box from Cannacares allows you to find the best formulation for all vital spheres of life. Therefore, these oils may improve your energy levels, help you sleep deeper and for longer, boost immunity due to highly nutritious content, and help relieve anxiety. Thus, you are getting four products that can benefit your mind and body and maintain a healthy balance.



Cannabidiol, MCT Oil, Lavender Oil, Spearmint Flavouring (Natural)



Cannabidiol, MCT Oil, CoEnzyme Q10 (no RDA), Tangerine Flavouring (Natural)


Cannabidiol, MCT Oil, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Tangerine Flavouring (Natural)


Cannabidiol, MCT Oil, Chamomile Oil, Spearmint Flavouring (Natural)

How to Use

The recommended dose is four drops three times per 24 hours. This equates to a daily dose of 60mg of CBD. Place four drops under the tongue, wait for 60 seconds and swallow.


These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Lab Reports

Cannacares is a trusted UK provider of superior quality CBD products and is leading the way in driving community support and engagement by challenging the stereotypes that surround CBD.

The company provides clear, factual insights about CBD to help educate the community so they may take positive action to improve their health and wellbeing. Cannacares stands behind their products, so the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) for each batch is available online on our website.

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