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CBD Oral Drops

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in UK
  • Organic
  • BeYou’s CBD Oral drops come in a 30ml bottle filled with high-quality CBD isolate, blended with all-natural hemp seed oil.

    CBD FormatOil
    CBD TypeIsolate
  • How to Use

    alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

    Shake well before use. Using the pipette that is provided, directly drop the recommended amount of CBD oil sublingually (beneath the tongue), and hold it there for at least 90 seconds until the CBD has been fully absorbed. 

    You can take 1 full pipette throughout the day.


    These CBD Oral Drops should be kept in a cool, dry place. Keep this product away from children and direct sunlight.


    Do not use the product while pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor if using the product in conjunction with any other medication or dietary supplement. This product is not intended to prevent, cure, or treat any health condition.

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Product Details

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

BeYou’s CBD Oral Drops are made from a hemp seed carrier oil, which is high in omega fatty acids and blended with CBD isolate of varying strengths. With three enjoyable flavours to choose from, including Natural, Lemon, and Berry, integrating CBD into your daily routine is made easy.

The lowest available CBD oil strength is ideal for those wanting to buy CBD for the first time or for those who are interested in trying a different CBD application and type. To help guide new users in finding their CBD dosage sweet-spot, BeYou includes a useful information leaflet with every bottle. The higher strength is perfect for people who have been taking CBD for a while or those who need a quick hit. 

What is CBD?

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a natural compound that is found in the hemp plant. This compound is not to be confused with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound known to produce a “high” feeling alongside amplified anxiety and even paranoia. You can rest assured that all of BeYou’s CBD Oral Drops contain 0% THC, and are infused with the highest-quality CBD to give you the best CBD experience possible. 

Will taking CBD make me feel high?

CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties, and therefore cannot get you high, unlike THC. THC is the psychoactive compound present in cannabis that is known to trigger a “high” effect. To ensure that there are below quantifiable amounts of THC within each batch, BeYou takes additional measures and tests each of their products through an independent third-party laboratory. The individual batch test results are displayed online for all CBD buyers to view. 

The benefits of taking CBD drops

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

One of the main benefits of CBD drops is their fast absorption rate. Due to their sublingual application, the CBD is quickly absorbed through the blood vessels found beneath your tongue, delivering the CBD into your system at a quicker rate than other methods. As such, CBD Oral Drops are considered to offer the most effective rate of absorption compared to other methods which require the CBD to be first processed through the digestive system. 

CBD drops are not only user-friendly when it comes to ingesting CBD, but are also one of the most common methods of getting your daily dosage of CBD. To achieve the ideal amount of CBD each day, simply use the provided pipette and follow the daily dosage instructions as outlined in BeYou’s daily dosage guide leaflet. 

The benefits of hemp seed oil

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

Once extracted from the hemp plant, CBD oils can be blended with a carrier oil, making it easier for your body to process the CBD. BeYou’s CBD Oral Drops use hemp seed oil which is high in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. This results in a higher bioavailability, which is simply the rate at which CBD enters your circulation. More specifically, our bodies are able to naturally break down the fats of this carrier oil and process CBD at a faster rate. 

As hemp seed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, this carrier oil offers similar benefits to CBD. Hemp seed oil is known to support our skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that are alike to CBD. This oil is also understood to help relieve tension caused by stress and anxiety, and can even alleviate muscular pains and spasms caused by injury, exercise or certain health conditions.

Why We Love It

Fast Absorption

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

Taking CBD oil sublingually is considered to be the most efficient way to achieve your daily dosage amount. Lifting your tongue and squeezing the number of drops underneath will allow your body to absorb the CBD at a faster rate through the blood vessels. For best results, hold the drops beneath your tongue for around 90 seconds until the CBD has been completely absorbed. 

It’s useful to know that the body absorbs CBD drops quickly but processes them at a slower rate. This actually means that the benefits of CBD can last longer compared to other applications! For example, CBD e-liquids are processed quickly by the body but the benefits are thought to last for a shorter period of time. When taken correctly, the benefits of CBD drops can last for up to six hours. 

Pure CBD and 0% THC

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

All of BeYou’s CBD oils are carefully extracted from natural hemp plants, with a CBD purity of 99.9% and 0% of the psychoactive compounds. CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that can be extracted from a high-CBD strain hemp plant, all while lowering the amount of THC that is present within the plant. Once blended with the hemp seed carrier oil, all of BeYou’s CBD oils go through another level of processing, in which each batch of CBD oil is tested independently by third-party laboratories to ensure that all requirements are met. While some CBD products can contain up to 0.2% THC, BeYou CBD takes extra measures to certify that all levels of THC are reduced below quantifiable levels. All of these measures guarantee that BeYou CBD is 100% safe and legal, and will not get you high or produce any intoxicating effects.

Reduces stress & pain

CBD has become a popular alternative for naturally treating a range of symptoms. Known for its analgesic properties, CBD may help to reduce pain and swelling caused by menstrual cramps, arthritis, headaches, and stress.

While results may vary with each individual, CBD is understood to interact with the natural receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Many studies have reported that CBD can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, which can in turn improve our sleep.


Natural: CBD Hemp Extract and Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

Berry: CBD Hemp Extract, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and Natural Berry Flavouring.

Lemon: CBD Hemp Extract, Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and Natural Lemon Flavouring.

Lab Reports

It’s vital to buy CBD from a supplier which you trust.

alphagreen beyou CBD Oral Drops 600mg 1200mg 2400mg 4800mg natural lemon berry

BeYou has made it their mission to help each customer feel confident in their CBD experience. To achieve this, each of BeYou’s CBD products is tested by independent third-party laboratories and are issued a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to confirm that all product specifications and regulatory requirements have been met. You can view the results of these tests here.

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