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CBD Inhaler

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in UK
  • Organic
  • HIGH ABSORPTION RATE: Consuming CBD through the airways is a potent, fast-acting way to experience CBD’s potential benefits.

    SMOOTH DELIVERY: CBD Inhalers offer a smoother, potentially less irritating way to inhale CBD - allowing users to enjoy an easy, relaxing inhalation.

    CONVENIENT: Say goodbye to inconsistent, self-measured dosage. The CBD Inhaler by Alphagreen is simple to use; one pump administers an accurate dose every time.

    PORTABLE DESIGN: The CBD Inhaler is perfect for busy lifestyles. Its small size means it can easily slip into a bag or purse, making on the go administration a breeze.

    INDEPENDENTLY TESTED: Alphagreen sends the CBD Inhaler to a trusted third-party lab to test the products' ingredients, potency and safety.

    SKUAlphagreen CBD Inhaler
  • How to use

    To use the CBD Inhaler effectively, ensure you shake the canister for about 5 seconds before removing the mouthpiece cover.

    Breathe out before placing your lips over the mouthpiece. Gently tilt your head upwards to open your airways and press the canister down. Inhale the dose, holding your breath for a couple of seconds. This will allow time for the compounds to absorb in your lungs. Do not consume more than 70mg of CBD per day.

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alphagreen CBD Inhaler

Product details

The CBD Inhaler by Alphagreen is an effortless way to inject calm into a busy lifestyle. With its unassuming design and discreet delivery, a CBD Inhaler is the perfect travel companion as it fits snug in any bag. With one pump, the inhaler delivers a precise amount of CBD every time, so users can track their dosage easily. What’s more, this CBD product doesn't require batteries, heating, or additional equipment.

Alphagreen uses the best extraction and refinement technology to infuse this CBD Inhaler with premium hemp extract free from THC. CBD lovers enjoy this inhaler to ease the mind, relax the body, and enhance concentration throughout the day.

Why we love it

High bioavailability

alphagreen CBD Inhaler

CBD inhalers utilise micelle CBD extract to potentially increase bioavailability - the degree to which the body absorbs the active compounds. While many CBD products are oil-based, these CBD molecules are enveloped with “water-loving” molecules that may help the CBD pass through the mucus membranes for swift delivery.

Discreet delivery

Unlike vaping, CBD Inhalers do not produce any clouds. While vaping offers a unique and exciting way to try CBD, users can get the same fast-acting, potent experience from these inhalers. People looking for a discreet method may prefer these devices so they can inhale CBD on the go without drawing too much attention from their peers.

Accurate dosing

CBD Inhalers keep dosage straightforward. While some people love vaping for its ability to change up the dose with smaller or bigger puffs, for many people, taking a consistent dose is vital to meeting their CBD needs. A CBD Inhaler offers precisely this as one pump delivers an accurate amount of CBD every time.

Lab reports

Alphagreen’s CBD Inhalers are sent to a third-party lab for independent testing. They provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) displaying the product’s complete ingredient list and safety. The COA is available to view online.


What is a CBD Inhaler?

A CBD Inhaler is similar to a medical inhaler but is not intended to prevent, cure or treat any conditions. When the user presses the canister down, micell CBD extract is directed into the lungs for soothing relief.

What’s the difference between a CBD Inhaler and a CBD vape?

A CBD Inhaler doesn’t heat the CBD as a vape does; therefore, it doesn't require batteries or a specific device. As with medical inhalers, it uses propellants that blast the compounds into the airways. Compared to vaping, CBD Inhalers may have a less-irritating delivery with the same fast-acting results.

What is micelle CBD extract?

Alphagreen’s CBD Inhalers use micelle CBD extract. The hemp compounds are encapsulated in “water-loving” molecules called micelles. These allow the CBD to pass through the body’s mucus membranes and into the bloodstream. This specialised CBD extract might increase the absorption rate to enhance the possible impact of CBD.

Where to buy CBD Inhalers?

CBD Inhalers are not as popular as other hemp products, like CBD oil. However, Alphagreen has a vast range of CBD inhalers on our online marketplace, featuring the best, most trusted brands.

How to use a CBD Inhaler?

CBD Inhalers are simple to use. Firstly, shake the canister for about 5 seconds. Before putting your lips on the mouthpiece, ensure you breathe out. Press down the canister and inhale the compounds. Hold your breath for a few seconds to increase absorption before breathing out.