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5% organic CBD oil

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  • Vegan Friendly
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Forest friendly
  • No Parabens / Sulfates
  • THC Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in UK
  • Organic
  • If you've never tried Full Spectrum CBD oil - there has never been a better opportunity to try it. The 5% CBD oil has a hemp seed oil, as a carrier oil. which really compliments the natural organic way that this oil tincture was manufactured in. In a 10ml bottle it's ideal for beginners as the strength and ratio is optimal to feel effects without feeling drowsy!
    CBD FormatOil
    CBD TypeFull spectrum
  • How to Use

    Cooking with 5% CBD oil

    It’s possible to add this 5% CBD oil to your cooking recipes. Since it does not contain any flavours, your food will still retain its original taste. 

    CBD oil might evaporate at temperatures above 180C; therefore, only low-temperature cooking methods should be employed. Cooking with an open pan at high temperatures is thus not a good idea.

    Add to any food

    The 5% CBD oil does not limit individuals in being creative with how they want to take it. This product can be consumed directly by applying it in foods such as beverages, salads, smoothies, cakes or even coffee. The foods that already contain emulsified fats such as olive oil have an added advantage as they accelerate the absorption rate of CBD in the stomach. 

    Another effective way of taking this 5% CBD oil is with desserts. Since they also usually contain a high content of emulsified fats, absorption of the CBD and the effects will be felt much quicker.

    • NB. As much as we have food types that promote faster absorption of CBD oil into the body, we also have food types that have an opposite effect. These foods slow down the absorption process for various reasons. As an informed CBD user, it’ll be better for you if you prioritise foods that have been mentioned to work well with CBD.

    Sublingual method

    You can take 5% CBD oil directly into the mouth using a provided dropper. The bottle should, however, be shaken first to obtain a homogenous mixture before using a dropper to place four drops (0.12ml) under the tongue. At this stage, wait a short while of about 60-90 seconds before swallowing.


    Mr NICE recommends a daily dose of 5% CBD oil of 200mg (strictly for adults). Intake of the CBD oil can be spread throughout the day as long as the dose doesn’t exceed this daily limit. However, it is remarkable that no cases of overdose have been reported to date, but care should be taken. It is recommended for users to seek medical advice from practitioners before taking the product. This will help you to know if CBD does not react negatively with other medicines or you are taking or planning to take. The doctor will also recommend an appropriate dosage after careful consideration of the medical condition or history of the client.

    NB CBD products are for adult use only. They cannot be administered to children through whatever method. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers are also not allowed to use CBD supplements. Also, be advised that 5% CBD oil is not a drug to treat medical conditions but a food supplement that is added to enrich diets and promote a healthy lifestyle.


    The 5% CBD oil should be stored in a cool, dry place to preserve its quality. It should be kept away from environmental elements such as moisture, direct sunlight or any form of heat. Last but not least, keep the product out of the reach of children.

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Product Details

This 5% CBD oil comes in an easy-to-use glass stopper bottle. The main active substance found in this product is cannabidiol, from which the CBD acronym was derived. Over the past few years, CBD has been gaining a lot of popularity due to its recently discovered health benefits. 

This product contains 5% of full-spectrum CBD extract embedded in hemp seed oil. It comes packed in 10ml bottles which are well-branded, with a meticulous design and weight making them easy to identify and carry around. Uptake of 5% CBD oil is quite easy since it can be quickly absorbed sublingually.

To ensure and maintain the utmost quality in its products, Mr NICE oversees the whole process — from the cultivation of the hemp plant to processing until the end product. The company implements a carbon dioxide extraction method that ensures the CBD oil preserves its original organic arrangement of compounds and high efficacy. As a result, the final product retains a high concentration of CBD and is free from other undesirable substances such as THC.

THC, a short term for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the second most prevalent cannabinoid after CBD. THC is infamous for its psychoactive effects — it’s the substance responsible for inducing a “high” in cannabis. Since this 5% CBD oil contains less than 0.2% of THC, you can be confident that it will not cause any intoxicating effects on you. Mr NICE follows GMP guidelines; thus, you can be sure you are getting real, high-quality pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil. 


The Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) standards are guidelines that govern the manufacturing process of CBD to ensure that companies produce high-quality products that work as they are claimed to. This entire effort guarantees a high-quality and safe product for end-users. 

The intrinsic details of GMP standards vary marginally depending on the country or state of the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this variation is insignificant, and all GMP boards focus on minimising and preventing harm to the end-user.

For a manufacturer to be certified, they have to show that they;

  • have well-documented systems and procedures,
  • adhere to safety standards and produce a product that is free from contamination, 
  • ensure that their product is consistent and of high quality,
  • should have highly trained and skilled employees.

Mr NICE 5% CBD oil fully meets these conditions!


Although over 113 cannabinoids have been isolated so far, CBD and THC are the most popular and well-researched. Cannabinoids in general play a crucial role in the homeostasis of the human body. In fact, humans have got an endocannabinoid system which is influenced by cannabinoids.

It so happens that the phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis genus plants are similar to those produced in the human body. Thus plant-sourced CBD has the same effect on the human body as the naturally produced one. In other words, taking CBD is more like a supplement to your natural dose.

CBD has been reported to help individuals with sleep difficulties, depression, physical discomforts such as nausea or pain. While many people confirm the numerous positive effects of CBD on their health, at present, CBD is only FDA approved for the treatment and management of epilepsy. 

  • NB. Therefore, it’s important to note that this 5% CBD oil cannot be used to substitute any medication prescribed by a medical practitioner.

A lot of exploration is, however, still underway to uncover and scientifically prove the other potential benefits of CBD in the human body.


The CBD used in Mr NICE 5% CBD oil is sourced from Cannabis genus plants cultivated in the countryside of Denmark under organic agriculture. The farmland is about 2000 acres of land with clean air and relatively low pollution. Mr NICE maintains its integrity by overseeing the cultivation of the cannabis genus plants on the farm. The cultivation process assures that the CBD extracts are natural and free from impurities like pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or any other chemicals that could contaminate the end product.

Why We Love It

The 5% CBD oil product is preferable to most clients due to the following reasons:

100% organic product

The cannabis genus plants from which this CBD is extracted are grown naturally. Since Mr NICE abides by the GMP standard, it only sources plants that are non-GMO and free from contaminants. The company also employs a unique carbon dioxide extraction method that preserves the natural combination of organic compounds in the product known as the entourage effect. This is all done to ensure that the product is 100% organic and free of contaminants.

Suitable for vegan/vegetarian diets

The immersing of 5% CBD in organically grown hemp makes this product ideal for the vegan diet. Thus vegans can easily mix this CBD oil in their foods without compromising their diets.

Gluten-free product

Recently, more and more people have been discovering that they are gluten intolerant. When using the 5% CBD oil product, you don’t need to worry about gluten.  

Certified THC-free

This 5% CBD oil is non-intoxicating. This is because the level of THC in this product is less than 0.2%, an insignificant amount to induce a “high.” Mr NICE ensures that all its CBD products are tested by a third-party company to ensure that the THC is in the permissible range in the UK.

Convenient packaging

5% CBD oil comes packed in a compact, and well-labelled bottle that is easy to use and even carry around. The bottle also has a dropper that is used to help administer a standard controlled dosage.


This 5% CBD oil contains a high percentage of hemp seed oil, up to 77% (7695mg) and a hemp extract of up to 23% (2295mg). A single bottle of the CBD oil is loaded with 10ml of oil, which will make over 200 drops when using the dropper. The contents comprise CBD/CBDa Cannabidiol and -acid Cannabis Sativa L). Other additional substances include flavonoids, phenols, vitamins, minerals and terpenes and fatty acids which are a part of the human diet. 

While this CBD oil does contain THC, its proportion is insignificant — less than 0.2%. This is the legally permissible range certified by the EU for organic hemp varieties.


The 5% CBD oil firmly adheres to GMP standards and has several lab reports to prove its safety and efficacy.

To prove confidence in its 5% CBD oil, Mr NICE is open to showing its certificate of analysis (COA) for all their products to anyone upon request. A COA is a document issued by Quality Assurance laboratory organisations to confirm that CBD meets its product specification.

Thus unlike other manufacturers who are only after profits of the lucrative CBD industry, you can be confident that Mr NICE’s CBD is true to its claims.